The Great White Fleet

STF Fleet Two

The ''Great White Fleet''

The greater of the two STF fleets has historically been the Second Fleet -- known informally as the "Great White Fleet." The first GWF Commander was Senior Admiral Jeremy Ormins; He was the only SA to ever command a fleet. Jim Midyette, who held the office of the STF Presidency longer than anyone else, was once a GWF captain; So were Mike Barclay and Grace Larsen, two Admirals greatly respected in STF history. Our current Internet Director, Captain Nick Oven, is C.O. of our USS Victorious. Julie "No Relation" Larsen was once Fleet Commander (as were Grace and Mike), and it is in her and their tradition that Mike Ballway follows as Fleet Two's current commander.

The Second Fleet at its peak had seven ships, more than all of STF has now. Today, we play host to one -- a mere echo of our former glory, and, for the first time, less than the First Fleet. Our sole ship is the Victorious. Two other STF2 ships, the Trinitron and the Constellation, were only recently retired; Other ships in STF2's far past include the Dresden, the Ark Angel II, the Apparition, the Arleigh Burke, the Lexington, the Sierra and the Survivor. Rumor has it that STF President Greg Hertzsch is considering recommissioning the Trinitron soon.

Information in STF is disseminated to the people by means of three major news "Networks;" the least, the "Federation News Network," (FNN) consisted of one medium (a one-and-one-half-page newsletter) distributed to STFers only once in recent memory. FNN's bigshot author was Randy McCullick, a former STF President who is now AWOL. The second-greatest network is Dennis Hannigan's "Plumber's Union Network" (PUN), home of his and others' variety shows. PUN has not been seen operational in the last few months.

Which brings us to the third major network, CNN of STF (Commonly known as "SNN"). SNN publishes an "SNN UPDATE" relatively frequently. SNN UPDATE is a somewhat comical and marginally informative club newsletter for STF; Most UPDATEs are written between one and three weeks after the last one. Executive Editor Mike Ballway is also the author, under the name Adam Kent, of a less-frequent column dealing with Star Trek and STF events. SNN has also lately gotten into the bad habit of reposting old STF documents like Jim Midyette's "No Regrets" (a history of STF) and Fleet Captain Aaron Bryant's "Duties," an explanation of the obligations of each STF position.

Before fleet downsizing, STF Fleet 2 was an accurate engineering cross-section of STF, with a new Trinitron-Class heavy cruiser (the Trinitron), a Trafalgar-Class tactical destroyer (the Constellation) and an older Nebula-Class cruiser (the Victorious). Until August of 1996, we also had a Nimitz-Class dreadnought (the late U.S.S. Dresden). STF2 is also the home of the indestructible Starbase Ninety-Three, which operates as the command center of the Fleet from its perch in Sector 486. Sector 486 is central to the Alpha Quadrant, where all of STF2's operations take place. Attached to the Starbase are the Grace Larsen Docking Complex and the Churlsan Han Fleet Yards, two ship facilities (the former for repair and maintenance docking, the latter for construction and storage) named for the former CO of the Constellation and FComm of Fleet Two (Grace) and the retired captain of the USS Lexington and former Assistant Chief Engineer of the USS Constellation (Churl).

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